Travel Diaries: Ain Sokhna, Suez, Egypt

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Whenever I tell my friends that I’m headed to Egypt, they put on a puzzled look on their face and ask me, “isn’t it all desert and sand there?” Well, I honestly thought the same thing even after my first trip to the country in 2010, but on my second trip this year, we went to Ain Sokhna.

Ain Sokhna is a rural town in the Suez Governorate, and its name means “the hot eye” in Arabic, pertaining to nearby Gabal Ataka’s sulfur spring (the highest peak in the Eastern  Desert). It’s also home to countless resorts, sort of like Subic and Laguna in the Philippines.

We were supposed to check into Porto Sokhna, but since school hadn’t resumed yet during that time and it was fully booked, we ended up in La Sirena, a resort my family frequented. They didn’t offer water sports and cable car rides like Porto Sokhna, though, so we went to Porto Sokhna on our last day for the cable car ride. The water sports were just for those who were checked in, unfortunately. :(

Anyway, here’s a day-by-day photo gallery of our weekend vacation! :)

Day One at La Sirena Resort, Ain Sokhna (September 4, 2014)

Our first day in La Sirena was honestly HORRIBLE. There had been a series of power outages affecting the whole of Egypt because of some political conflict during that period, and we were unlucky enough to have checked in at the resort when they were experiencing an 8-hour long blackout. We almost packed our bags! Good thing the weather there was breezy, or else we really would’ve driven home before the electricity went back…

Ain Sokhna Day 1

Our view of the Red Sea from La Sirena Resort!

Could you tell that my little brother was fascinated with my GoPro? He took it everywhere he went!

Day Two at La Sirena Resort, Ain Sokhna (September 5, 2014)

Thankfully, the electricity went back for good the night before, so the rest of our stay wasn’t at all stressful… except for the fact that 95% of the people in the resort were staring at me because I was wearing a bikini. I knew Egypt was still highly conservative and it was their custom to have women wear hijabs, but I didn’t know they would be expecting that by the pool and beach area too! My bad, I guess. I should’ve been more responsible and sensitive to the culture in the country I was merely visiting.

I chose to have fun despite my swimming attire mishap, however. It’s not like I could still do anything about it at that point because I had no other swimwear but bikinis. 😆 We went swimming at the pool, sunbathing at the beach… aaaaah, how I wish I could go back now that I’m thinking of it. I miss the sun and the sand (and my family, of course)!

Ain Sokhna Day 2

Nothing beats basking in the morning sun by the pool!

If there’s one thing I love about going to the beach in the Middle East/Africa, it’s that there’s barely any chance of the sky (literally) raining on my parade!

Day Three at La Sirena Resort, Ain Sokhna (September 6, 2014)

On our last day at the La Sirena Resort, we had nothing else to do but to take in the sights and enjoy the few hours we had before checkout time. Good thing we were all able to get up early to watch the sunrise, because we were too tired the morning before! It was such a beautiful and majestic experience! Too bad I didn’t think of taking a time-lapse video of it… that would’ve been a sight for sore eyes.

After countless attempts, I finally got to watch the sunrise by the beach (probably because the sun rises quite late in summertime in Egypt LOL #nightowlproblems).

Ain Sokhna Day 3

The La Sirena Resort’s façade!

Some of the interesting things you can see from the entrance of La Sirena: The logo-engraved fountain and a few of the many wind turbines drawing power from the Suez Canal.

Ain Sokhna Day 3

I love how the resort faces wind turbines and an asphalt road but has swimming pools and a whole sea in its backyard. It’s like business in the front, party in the back!

Day Three at the Teleferique of Porto Sokhna Resort, Ain Sokhna

Our last stop before leaving Ain Sokhna was the Porto Sokhna Resort, where we had hoped to rent jet skis and ride the cable car to the Sky Mall. We only got to go on the cable car (they call it teleferique in Arabic), as I had mentioned in the beginning, because we weren’t checked in to the resort. What a bummer! I really wanted my brother to experience my jet ski driving skills (so I could “accidentally” tip him over to the ocean, too… JUST KIDDING). 😆

Ain Sokhna Day 3

The view that welcomed us the moment we got off the cable car. What a beaut!

Don’t let our seemingly “relaxed” faces fool you—it was scorching hot when we were at the Sky Mall. I wouldn’t be surprised if the temperature hit 38ºC that time!

Ain Sokhna Day 3

Where the sky meets the sea and the desert sand!

Roadtrip Back to Cairo

Like all good things, our weekend vacation at Ain Sokhna had to end. We headed home shortly after our stay at the Sky Mall, and frankly, I was very relieved because I was already insanely EXHAUSTED. I just couldn’t wait to crash in my own bed!

Bright side to our long ride home: I got to enjoy the Red Sea as my view for the first 30 minutes before sleeping off most of the remaining few hours!

So that’s about it for our weekend vacation! I heard there were a lot of beautiful beach and resort spots in Egypt other than Ain Sokhna (Sharm El Sheikh in the South Sinai Governorate, for example), but I wasn’t able to squeeze it into my itinerary anymore. Maybe next time?

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or comments, go ahead and drop me a message below! :)

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